Terms of Participation for the International Kidstrophy

1.)    Organizer and Local Organizer

Organizer is the Salzburg Landesskiverband (SLSV), Salzburg Ski Association. Local organizer is the Skiclub Salzburg (SCS), Saalachstrasse 38, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.

2.)    Location of Event

The events will take place on the finishing slope of the worldcup downhill course Kälberloch in the ski resort Zauchensee, 5541 Zauchensee, Austria.

3.)    Description of the Races

The event consists of two races

–          A ski cross competition with elements of slalom, giant slalom and Super G components and elements such as jumps, roller coaster and ground curve.

–          A traditional giant slalom race

On each race day two next to each other set courses divided by security nets will be set. The courses will be set accordingly to the age groups racing them. The race committee decides which course is for which age group.

4.)    Competition Rules

This event follows the rules of the ÖWO, Österreichischen Wettkampfordnung. These can be downloaded here: .

5.)    Entry Criteria

To participate in the International Kidstrophy the competitor must be a member of a national or international ski association and fall under the following 14 age groups after the definition of the ÖWO: U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, female and male. Kids older than these groups are not permitted to start.

6.)    Registration

Entry applications can be submitted only over the website under the item entry. Applications by email, letter, fax, telephone or are not accepted.

Registration begins on February 1st of the event year at midnight, the registration deadline on the penultimate Saturday before the event starts at 7:00 p.m. Registrations before the start of registration and after the registration deadline will not be considered! The Skiclub Salzburg reserves the right to advance the registration deadline.

If the event is canceled due to force majeure or cancellation, the participants are not entitled to a refund of the participation fee or to reimbursement of other expenses such as travel or accommodation costs.

7.)    Captains’ Meeting

The captains’ meeting takes place the evening before the event in the seminar room of the Zauchensee worldcup arena. Participation is obligatory. Important information and any changes will be announced during the captains’ meeting.

8.)    Start Numbers

Start numbers are given out in the morning of the race day in the worldcup arena Zauchensee. They are distributed to each club. The coach will receive a package with all the start numbers and a receipt for the entry fees paid. A change to entries, nor a new registration is not possible here anymore.

9.)    Lift Tickets

Discounted lift tickets can be bought after receiving the start numbers and the receipt for the entry fees. Each club can purchase a discounted ticket for a coach for every five starters. (5 starters = 1 ticket, 10 starters = 2 tickets, …)

10.) Inspection

The inspection of the race course takes place after the jury inspection. The times for inspection and any other information for correct inspection will be announced at the captains’ meeting and on race day over the loud speakers.

11.) Start

The starting time is listed in the event program. Racers may only be accompanied up to the starting corridor.

12.) During the Course of the Race

During the race no parents and no coaches are allowed onto the premises of the race course. In the case of a crash, injury or such the racer will be taken care of by personnel on the race course. Outside the race course the racer will be discharged to the care of a parent or coach. If, necessary medical aid and transport will be organized.

13.) Medical Care

Each race course has its own doctor and akja on site. The red cross center in Radstadt is informed of the race.

14.) Disqualifications and Protest Time

All disqualifications and protest time will be announced shortly after each race over the loud speaker and will be posted in the finish area.

 15.) Prize Giving

The prizes are awarded after the race in the finish area.

16.) Photographs

The competitor agrees with the registration to the KidsX and/or Kidstrophy race to consent and agree that the SCS has the right to take or use photographs of the racer or his/her property and to use these in any and all media worldwide including online now and hereafter known, and for any purpose whatsoever. The racer releases to the SCS all rights to exhibit the images in print or electronic form publicly or privately and to market copies. The racer waives any rights, claims or interest he/she may have to control the use of his/her identity or likeness in the images and agree that any uses described herein may be made without compensation or additional consideration of the racer.

17.) Insurance

The participant of the competition confirms that he/she has an adequate race insurance when registering for the race.

18.) Liability Waiver

The organizer and the SCS will at their best ability hold the event under all safety issues though by all caution accidents can happen during a ski race. It is a well-known knowledge that things can happen. The racer knows of the risks and on his own behalf if he/she is physical and mentally fit to participate. Participants realizes that falls and collisions do occur and injuries may result, and therefore, assumes the responsibility at all times while engaging in the event. Liability claims against the organizer or SCS for damage to a person or property is only given if an act or omission of the organizer or SCS was intentional or negligence. Liability claims against the organizer or SCS and its volunteers are not given if all possible measures were taken to prevent the damage from occurring. Any claims against the organizer or SCS are excluded if initiated by a sponsor.

No claims or refunds can be made if the event is cancelled due to security or weather issues or other important reasons. The organizer or SCS have the right to change the time table or race course.

19.) Equipment Requirements

All racers must wear a helmet suitable for alpine ski racing.

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