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The Story of the Company

When Oregon was just a territory and not yet an admitted state, the grand-grand father of our company’s founder has arrived there. With the love for trailblazing the beautiful nature and wilderness of Oregon in their genes, 100 years later two brothers were destined to found a business based on that love – the Pathter!

The Range of Tours

With our range of active tours ranging from regular yet amazing hiking routes, to biking tours across the wilderness and down to rafting/kayaking down the mountain rivers, we offer the widest array of fun!

Types of Active Tours

While our list of destinations features dozens of entries – the list of active tours just a few ones.

Starting with hiking and all the way down to rafting and/or kayaking, we will be able to offer awesome trails for both East and West Coasters!

The Range of Destinations

We are able to offer our hiking, rafting/kayaking and biking active tours to both East and West coast regions.

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Jane K.

posted on TripAdvisor

We had such a wonderful time, will make this a new family tradition! Its really cool for us…

Elias L.

posted on Yelp

It was great, our guide was wonderful and you gave us a lot of impressions… It made our weekend more exciting.

Sarah C.

posted on Forsquare

For me, the love of sports in general, and hiking and forest trailing specifically has always been a sincere one!